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The shout out to us in your show was the bees knees! You've made me a very happy man! Also, dug the Young Gay Monkey video...would love to see how you did it!

-John C Colletti, PsyD


No problem, thanks for sending in the Sun Studios T-shirt. The Young Gay Monkey Animation was done by Bill Miller using software called "3-D Me Now".

-Charles Cullen


I'd totally love to play "Where'd all the flies come from" with you on stage this summer when we play the gig at Longwood College...think that's a possibility?



Sounds good to me if I can remember the chords...lyrics too for that matter, also, it's not the best choice of song for an "all girl college"...but yea , let's try it!

-Charles Cullen

Hi Charles!

Wow!!!! Thanks for the awesome delivery of Cullen contraband - there was so much stuff in that box it will take me a week to work it into the Cullen Corner - we've already watched several of the DVD's and hope to watch the rest within the next couple of weeks - it is truly amazing to see how much work you have done within the past 10 years -I should be finished with the basement Cullen Corner within the next couple of weeks so you will have to come over to check it out once it's done - we'll listen to some Alice Cooper, drink some PBR's and wonder what future works will end up proudly displayed on the shelves - thanks again!!!!!



No problem, I was honored to hear that you had actually established a "Charles Cullen Corner " in your basement. I normally would not have turned loose of the VHS copies of my first five movies (I only kept 5 copies each for myself) but sounds like you will give them a nice home and display. And yes, we will drink Blue Ribbon and listen to Alice Cooper soon!



Just a note to let you know that I received the latest program. I've added it to the November 27th schedule. Appropriate for the season, I'd scheduled last year's Thanksgiving program to air this coming Tuesday. As always, it's a pleasure to view and run your programs whenever I can. One of Huntington's few local producers compiled a special program for the Halloween season and was elated when I told him it would air immediately after "The Charles Cullen Show".

Best Regards,

-Richard Bartram


Thanks for the nice email. I'll keep the shows coming your way...also, can you air 60 minute episodes?


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