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How are you doing? I posted a video of your mushrooms on my facebook! They're so funny! I loooove the mushroom puppets!



Thanks for posting that and I'm glad you like them so much. I hope you are doing well and keeping up with your dancing. The Space Monkey Odyssey DVD of The Jefferson Center show is in the works and I'll keep you posted!



Yo- BTW- I dont think Ive mentioned to you yet how much I enjoyed Judgment House! From the freaking opening credits and such! Oy! To me...each room got better and better! Thanks for the ride!




Hmmm...yea, a lot of people didn't quite know how to take that film. I actually don't even know why I made it...Oh yea, wait a minute I do. Kenny Hicks had already shot the Buzz Brubaker chase scene with the sheriff. The hot rod was cool and it was a well shot chase scene. Then it just kind of sat in Kenny's archives. He wasn't sure what to do with the footage. I saw it one day while visiting him and said, "hand it over to me and I'll try to assemble it into a full length movie. If people are in the right frame of mind, it may even make sense".



My name is Courtney and I have been trying to get info on what is going on at Thunder Valley? Thunder Valley's phone is just a recording and says there will be no haunted house this year. The newspaper says to visit your website but I cannot find it? I am most likly over looking it. Wondering when the Carnival was going on? I love you and would love to see what kind of haunted house you have made.



Hi Courtney,

The Haunted House at Thunder Valley was unfortunately cancelled. We had done some there a few years back which worked out quite well. It used to be constructed where the indoor racetrack is. This year the owner did not want to shut down the indoor track so we decided to construct the Haunted House inside two large circus tents. We got some advertising in place, had the tents ordered and the rooms planned and then Thunder Valley got a call from the Building Inspector. The owner then met with the Fire Marshall and the requirements to be met were a little more than he wanted to go through so he asked us to cancel it. Unfortunately some of the advertising still hit the streets. Oh well, maybe next year but thanks for your concern.

-Charles Cullen

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