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I'm Madly in love with Tom Waits. Did you see him on the Glitter & Doom tour?

-Jenny Watkins


No , I didn't. A friend of mine , Suzanne Wright in North Carolina used to mail me his CDs years ago and got me started on him. She just saw him perform somewhere a few months ago. People have been mailing me his material ever since. Actually the man who runs my website www.charlescullen.com (check it out) just mailed me a 3 CD set of Tom Waits titled "Orphans" which are all outtakes! I was excited that you recognized the line!!! So I went home, poured some wine and played that song over and over. Janet Lubas, you will notice ,also posted a comment on that line. I used to sit in her dorm room, drink PBR and play "Who are you" over and over so many times that her roommate would yell at me! Anyhow, my favorites are: "Who Are You", "What's He Building In There", "My 'Ol 55, Jersey Girl", and "A House Where Nobody Lives".

Take care,

-Charles Cullen

Administrator's Note:


If you haven't found it, there's a full 2 1/2 hour show from the Glitter & Doom Tour online in streaming audio and podcast formats from the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA. It's on the NPR website. The best thing is that it's free.


-Bill (CC.Com Site Admin)

Hey Charles,

Got a question, you know the camera’s you use for your movies, where did you get it ( them) Logan is SOOOOO into this movie making that I thought if there was anyway I could get a used one or something he would LOVE that for Christmas but I don’t know where you get them.

-Holly Hinson

Hi Holly,

The movie Logan was a part of (The Dead Have Risen) was shot on a Sony VX 2000. I wouldn't suggest starting him out on a camera like that, you know in case another intersest comes along (like girls) and he loses interest in filmmaking. I would just start him out on a 300.00 to 400.00 dollar camcorder from Circuit

City or Best Buy. That should suffice for now. It all sounds great and tell him I'm proud of him and am honored that a future director first appeared in one of my films!!!!!


Mr. Cullen,

I live in Roanoke and have been watching your show for many years.


Thanks Rob and "keep on tunin' in"

-Charles Cullen

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