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The Mysterious Charles Cullen!

Hi! It was good to finally meet you! I've been a fan for a very long time! I loved all the crazy dances that you used to do. I haven't seen any in a while. You're a cool dancer. I hope you like the picture we took at Blues BBQ. I think I might make it the wallpaper for my computer! It's too bad I have a boyfriend cause it does seem like we could have a lot of fun! I luz you!



Hi Sara,

Wow, what a great picture. Janet, (runs one of the websites) called and said you were trying to get a photo to me. My email is charlesecullen@yahoo.com. That picture is really cool...now, which one is you? Thanks for all the nice comments on the dances...You should have gone to the Jefferson Center Show we did August 2nd. I had choreographed a two minute dance routine for the end of the show after my "Young Gay Monkey on Rollerskates" song. It incorporated the moonwalk, the robot, some James Brown slides among other moves. It was caught on film and is quite disturbing to watch...we had some Jack Daniels backstage...sooooo...I will leave it to your imagination as to what the dance looked like... Thanks so much for the picture! Take care....also you may want to check out the new website at www.charlescullen.com. It was designed by a man in New York and boy is it fantastic...enjoy!

Sound as ever,

-Charles Cullen


Which one is me? You must have been drunk as a skunk. I thought you were playing ; ). Whatever, I get messy too. Hot drunks unite! I'm on the left. My friend is on the right. I will check out your website and will keep in touch! Are ya gonna sell the film of the Jefferson Center show? I would love to see a Jack Daniels inspired moonwalk!!!

Unsound as ever,



Yea sorry about that, I figured you were the one on the left. My girlfriend had got mad at me that night and left to go back home to DC...she was supposed to stay another day. I got sad. I found refuge in a bottle of Citadel French Gin...and some country tunes, then got the bright idea to call a cab...thus my behavior and appearance...anyhow,the film of the Jefferson Center show is in the process of being made into a double disc DVD set. The same man in New York who did my website is authoring the DVD, footage is now being labeled and sent to him (31 total tapes..YIKES!), but there is a lot of cool stuff and some funny behind the scenes and backstage footage. It is due out around Christmas, well maybe, probably a little later. I will send you one when it is done. If you get too impatient, let me know and I will run you a quick DVD of the dance routine. I will probably also air that dance routine on an upcoming TV episode. In case you didn't know, my show now airs on Cox channel 78 Mon. thru Thurs. at 11:00 P. M.


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