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I know its been a while since we chatted. I saw a band in Charlotte I think you may dig.


I left Anders Manga due to personality differences. I guess I'm too humble to be a Rockstar, lol. I'll be starting some drag king performances this month in Charlotte.

My brother is getting hitched and I'll be in Roanoke for that I'd like to try and see you while I'm in town. With costly gas prices it's been harder for me to make it up to VA more often.

Take care,


Hi Kelly,

Sorry your rock star career didn't work for right now, but don't worry maybe you will fit together better with another band. I still wear the bright red vinyl pants you gave me a few years back and people still rave about your performance in my film "Judgement House".

Take care and hope North Carolina is treating you well!


Dear Mr. Cullen,

I watch and review strange and obscure cinema, and recently enjoyed your movie Super Badass. My review of Super Badass is now linked at IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0373343/externalreviews. I was wondering if you ever send out any screeners of your work for review? Since I specialize in strange and obscure stuff I'd be interested in reviewing some more of your movies. In any case, hope you are well, and thanks for Super Badass! You can check out my site at http://www.lurple.com if you're interested.




Thanks so much for the review, I hope it was a good one. Yes I do send out screeners for review, just let me know an address and which films you would like to cover.


Hey Charles,

I just was getting a little homesick and wanted to check you out on Atlanta's "People TV" but i cant find you on the listings chart. I'm a little distraught. I'd have called but i didnt know when a good time would be for you. Hope all is going well and hopefully i'll get back up to Roanoke before too long.


Hi Dyanna,

Hope you are doing good. As far as I know, Atlanta's People TV airs my show in various time slots, I don't think they have given it a specific time slot yet. You could call the station and ask for Program Manager Danny Mattox or Micah Hicks and they could probably give you some airtimes!

Sound as ever,

-Dr. Charles E. Cullen

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