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Hey Charles,

Its been a long time. I was perusing your website and thought of a lot of the stuff we used to do at ODU. Hope things are well for you. I see from your site that you live near Poage’s Mill. That’s where my folks settled many generations ago. As you can see I am still doing the manufacturing thing here in Salem . Have worked here for 11 years. Me and Sherry have two teenagers. You ever get married? Kids?

I still tell stories from time to time about our old glory days at ODU. One of my favorites was the time we got kicked out of the frat party after you managed to get a knife pulled on you after making fun of a guys hair. Lots of folks I know have seen some of your shows so I get to repeat these stories. You, Charles, are my brush with fame. In case you have forgotten I will index other stories:

-Giving cops wrong directions to your house

-Walking down the street with an end table on each foot (cheap bourbon)

-“Camping” in the woods near your cousins house in Lynchburg (Mountain Recipe)

-Looking for a Christmas tree near my 1st house (you scared some girls pretty bad)

-Film footage involving firecrackers and ketchup packs in my back yard

-Recording the song “Like Wine from a Broken Glass” at least 30 times (I wish I still had a copy of that)

-Many Jeep rides to and from Roanoke listening to the Stanley Brothers (Train 45!) (I still have that Jeep and just refurbed it)

Holler back if you get a minute. Take care.

-Ben Grisso

Hey man,

Of course my first reply was to make you laugh. What a beautiful email, I enjoyed it immensely and couldn't hold back the laughter! I think of you quite often and remember those stories well. I still keep in touch with Chris Elliott and think of you often. Nothing has changed a lot with me or my behavior...my brain never progressed past 18 years old.The crazy story list has just became much larger. We should get together soon.

Sound as ever,

-Charles Cullen "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" It never got weird enough for me....HST

John Colletti's new website review:

WOW! Truly an amazing website...wish I had that years ago! Everything you ever wanted to know about Charles Cullen in one place---looks great!


Thanks for your review, I'm sure Bill is flattered. It is quite comprehensive, maybe now even I can figure out who I am!



just wanted to send u some pics of my daughter. her name is luna. she was born on friday september 19, 2008. so when \r u having a baby??? they're the best gift from God that u could ever ask for...

hope to here from u soon.

love, -mollie

Hi Mollie,

I don't think men can have babies...or have they toyed with that area of nature now too???


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