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Hey charles,

How've ya been. What's new out at the Cullen Studios Chicken Ranch ???

I was going through some old cassette tapes that I have with random recordings on it and came across one where I had recorded the radio wrov 96.3 one afternoon and you were on the radio in the studio singing "I wish I was a woman" and playing guitar. I think Buzz Kasey was the radio dj host. Well I got the song from the tape into my mac and made an mp3 of it for you with garageband. I am sending it to you in the attachment. it is in mp3 format. If you have a flash drive/thumb drive with you you can just put it on there and take it home and put it on your mac.

rock on !



Amazing,wow, what a find! Thank you.


Hello, I have a couple of questions about your films

1. Why do you make such movie as Killer Klowns from Kansas on Krack? Any messages you want to deliver?

2. How do u get financial aid? I guess you won't be able to make any benefits making such films.

-A very curious man from Republic of Korea.


Well question #1, I'm not sure why I make movies like that. I always just produce what comes out of my head. And I didn't really have any message to deliver. Um, question #2, I fund them myself, the benefits are pretty good though, maybe not monetarily, but it was fun to ride that little donkey during making the film.

-Charles Cullen

Hey there Charles.

Got a couple of things for ya:

1. I have presents for you. During our move, I found a couple of things that I think need to have at home with you.

2. Your tattoos are here. (Finally – I am such a slack ass)

3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new website

4. Wish I could find you on Cable Access… what happened? I try watching your show and end up with Susan Lucci trying to sell me Malibu Pilates…..

Ok. So call me when you get a minute.

Hugs and screams,


Hey there , how are you? Can't wait to see what ya got for me . And wow, I will finally have pin-up girl tattoos but can wash them off when needed. The website is fantastic and we have lots of big ideas for it so stay tuned. As far as the cable show, not sure on that one. Maybe they got a time slot mixed up. They should have hired me to sell Malibu Pilates!!!


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